Product Literature

DSP Vocoder Chips
AMBE-4020™ Full-Duplex and Half-Duplex Vocoder Chip
AMBE-4020™ Manual
AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip
AMBE-3000™ Brochure
AMBE-3000F™ Manual
AMBE-3000R™ Manual
AMBE-3000™ Designer's Notes
AMBE-3000F™-SAT Description
AMBE-3003™ Multi-Channel Vocoder Chip
AMBE-3003™ Brochure
AMBE-3003™ Manual
AMBE-2000™ Vocoder Chip
AMBE-2000™ Brochure
AMBE-2000™ Manual
AMBE-2020™ Vocoder Chip
AMBE-2020™ Brochure
AMBE-2020™ Manual
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AMBE™ Vocoder on USB
USB-30xx™ (USB-3000™, USB-3003™, USB-3000™ P25, USB-3003™ P25 USB-3000™ SAT, USB-3012™ and the USB-3012™ P25)
USB-3000™ Brochure
USB-3000™ and the USB-3012™ Manual
USB-30xx™ Software Downloads
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Vocoder Boards
AMBE-4020™ HDK
AMBE-4020™-HDK Manual
AMBE-4020™-HDK Software Downloads
AMBE-3000™ HDK
AMBE-3000™ HDK Brochure
AMBE-3000™-HDK Manual
AMBE-3000™-HDK Software Downloads
AMBE-20x0™ HDK
AMBE-20x0™ HDK Brochure
AMBE-20x0™ HDK Manual
VC-55™-PR Single Channel Vocoder Board
VC-55™-PR Brochure
VC-55™-PR Manual
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Voice Codec Units
Net-2000™ Voice Codec Unit
Net-2000™ Brochure
Net-2000-P25™ Brochure
Net-2000™ VCU Manual
Net-2000™ - Software Downloads
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Application Notes

AMBE™ Vocoder Chips

AMBE® Vocoder Chips and DSTAR Voice Quality
Interfacing to the Analog Devices AD73311 or AD73311L codecs
Interfacing to the Texas Instruments'TLV320AIC10 codec
Interfacing to the Texas Instruments' PCM3500 codec
Soft Decision Error Decoding
Special Rate 2350/50 (Voice/FEC) AMBE-1000™ Vocoder Chip Compatible Mode

VC-20™ Vocoder Board Serial Interface

Interfacing to the VC-20 Serial Data Stream

APCO Project 25 Training Guide
provided courtesy of Daniels Electronics, Ltd.
AMBE+™ Vocoder: Toll-Quality at 4.0 kbps
Application of Vocoders to Wireless Communications
IMBE™ and AMBE™ Speech Compression
Maximizing Channel Capacity in a Voice Communications Network
Multi-Band Excitation Technology Abstract
Voice Coding Overview
Practical HF Digital Voice
This article originally appeared in QEX Magazine, May/June 2000. For information about QEX, go to  Link provided with permission.
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