USB-3012™ USB Devices

Up to Twelve Vocoder Channels

(USB Vocoder Pricing)


The Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI) USB-3012™, Multi-Channel USB Device capable of up to twelve full-duplex simultaneous encoder/decoder operations.

The USB-3012™ is available in three models allowing it to meet a wide variety of customer applications. The standard USB-3012™ USB Device features DVSI's most advanced AMBE+2™ vocoder, including DMR, dPMR and MotoTRBO. The P25 version offers APCO P25 interoperability.

USB-3012™ Models

The USB-3012™ contains Digital Voice Systems' proprietary and patented Advanced Multi-Band Excitation AMBE® voice compression algorithm. The standard version USB-3012™ includes the same vocoder as found in DVSI's AMBE-3000™ vocoder chip. The USB-3012™ is also available equipped with other DVSI vocoders. The USB-3012™ enables users to explore the capabilities and benefits of DVSI vocoder technologies without investing in large amounts of engineering time and hardware prototypes.

There are two twelve channel versions of the USB-3012™ available, giving designers the abilty to select the model that best meets their application requirements.

Interoperable DVSI Vocoders
AMBE-2000™ Chip Rates YES YES
AMBE-3000™ Chip Rates YES YES
APCO Project 25 Half Rate YES YES
APCO Project 25 Full Rate NO YES
TerreStar NO NO
MexSat NO NO
GlobalStar NO NO
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USB-3012™ Standard (USB Vocoder Pricing)
The standard version USB-3012™ contains Digital Voice Systems' proprietary and patented Advanced Multi-Band Excitation AMBE® voice compression technology. The standard USB-3012™ supports up to 12 simultaneous channels and is similar to DVSI's standard USB-3000™, they are fully interoperable with DMR, dPMR and MotoTRBO, plus they provide the flexibility to operate at data rates from 2000 bps to 9600 bps.

USB-3012™ P25 (USB Vocoder Pricing)
The USB-3012™ P25 is similar to DVSI's USB-3000™ P25 and the USB-3003™ P25 except that it supports 12 simultaneous channels. These USB devices include DVSI's patented Enhanced Dual-Rate Vocoder technology that is fully interoperable with APCO Project 25 standard (TIA-102BABA). In addition to the APCO Project 25 rates, they also support most of the built in rates that are available on the standard version USB-3000™.

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Proven Technology

Whichever version is chosen, the USB-3012™ USB Device is the fastest and easiest way to access multiple channels of DVSI's vocoder technology. Integration of the USB-3012™ USB Device is simplified since drivers are available for a variety of operating systems. DVSI includes Windows based PC software so that users can install the USB-3012™ USB and begin to encode and decode files immediately.

The USB-3012™ provides the same proven technology and features as all other USB-3000™ series devices. Click here for more details on the benefits of USB-3000™ series devices.


All USB-3000™ series devices including the new USB-3012™ are configured to use generic drivers offered by Future Technology Devices International Ltd. (FTDI). FTDI has USB drivers for several operating systems. Please visit the FTDI website for more information.

Key benefits

Mechanical Specifications 

Power Connection +5 Volts DC @ 1.0 amp
PC Connection USB Cable (Type A to Micro-B)
Size 3.12 X 1.85 X 4.0 inches
Weight ~8.0 ounces
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Complete Package

To install and quickly begin processing speech data, USB-30xx™ Software and documentation can be downloaded here. Technical documentation includes a USB-30xx™ Users manual and the AMBE-3000™ User's Manual.